From Caroline’s heart to yours

Caroline is one of our authentic, radiant, and hard-working leaders at OBIC! She runs our barn chicks and saddle club ministries with the help of other volunteers, who are available to help out two Saturdays each month. I had the opportunity to hear Caroline’s heart for the young girls she ministers to through; horseback riding, Bible lessons, and arts and crafts. She works with girls ranging from the ages of 7 to 18. Her heart for children/young adults is truly admirable.

In sharing with me a little about how this ministry has impacted her own life, Caroline began by saying that she can see herself in every sweet soul that shows up to work with her. She believes God gave her a passion for children at a young age and throughout her life experiences has continued to cultivate this passion. Caroline sees the pressing importance in using what she has learned from The Lord and bestowing wisdom on these young girls to prepare them for the things in life headed their way. She sees a generation of youth that often times blindly accepts their faith, most often times because they have been taught it is simply what they are supposed to do and who they are supposed to be. But faith and a true relationship with the Lord are so much more than that and Caroline longs for them to have a deeply rooted, genuine, vast love for Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

During her time with these young ladies, Caroline prays for opportunity to teach and inspire them to firmly understand why they believe what they believe. Time after time again, she is wonder struck by the power of our precious King. More often times than not, these girls show more spiritual maturity than Caroline has ever dreamed. During their Bible study, she has had them paint a picture or write down in words what a specific scripture means to them. The results have been remarkable! Each time they come together she finds herself listening and receiving truth from each and every beauty as the Holy Spirit manifests himself through them. Their pictures and words have had a greater impact than Caroline could have ever even imagined, and have come to be a great source of inspiration for her Bible lessons. Age is no factor when it comes to God showing up and using people, and He continues to reveal this promise to Caroline. God has brought healing and restoration into Caroline’s life just as she sees Him doing in these girls lives.

We want people to know that as leaders of such a large ministry, we cannot sit here and say that the works are all through us. We are ministered to every single day by the people who come here. We all need Jesus more and more. We too are broken and prone to wander. Our lives are not to be put on a pedestal. Jesus is. And by His grace He uses us and the people we have an honor to love, to have the opportunity to grow together and be enriched in our faith.

At OBIC it is our great desire for people, young and old, to know and believe that they have an irreplaceable part in the body of Christ. We hope to be a resource for individuals to become equipped and encouraged to use their God-given gifts as we all pursue after The Lord. Every soul matters and each person is unique in a way that no one else can be. We want everyone to know that we are touched by who you are and what God does through you, whether you know it or not. We thank you, parents, for entrusting us with your beloved children! They are beaming lights in the darkness and continue to bring us to the Cross in gratitude. We thank our volunteers, for their work has been indispensable! We thank all who donate and contribute to this ministry, to help us continue to grow in the vision The Lord has given the Dudley’s. This place is a sweet refuge and it would not be the same without everyone who comes around. We praise Him for His abundance of blessings!

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