Wait in faith, beloved

The Lord has been teaching me about what it means to wait and who it is we should be waiting on. I’ve noticed in my own life, and others, that more often than not I find myself in a season of waiting; waiting on people, on God to open a door for a new opportunity, for change to happen, etc. Waiting does not always have to be a negative thing, but I find myself becoming impatient, anxious, even sometimes resentful in certain times of waiting. Why? I now see why. The word “wait” when translated means “to wait in faith”. This is where I see that my faith is misplaced. I see why the state of our hearts and minds are put on hold, rushed with that overwhelming anxiety and fear because of a faith placed in something or someone who has no relation to the One true Being we are called to place our faith in.

I put my faith in the people I love, wanting them to change into who I need them to be. I wait for them to be better than who they once were, but where is the promise in that? Do they not also fall short just as I do? I put faith in myself as I wait on my own strength to overcome my bad habits and character flaws. I put faith in the belief that somehow I can earn my way to that new position I’ve been hoping for. My faith so misplaced! It is good to have faith that these things will happen, but who is our faith truly in? Our faith is to be placed in The Lord during our times of waiting. We must have faith that He remains constant and unchanging. We must have faith in the promises He has made for our lives and in His truth; that nothing can separate us from His love.

Our faith can not be in the people that we long to see their hearts changed, but rather in the God who is crazy about that individual’s heart and soul and would go to the ends of the earth to pursue them and bring them into His likeness. Our faith can not be in ourselves but in the strength The Lord bestows on us in our times of weakness. When we wait in faith on The Lord, peace and a deep sense of knowing will overwhelm our hearts and give us joy in our times of waiting. We no longer have to be anxious because we have faith that our God has a perfect plan and a noble will over our lives. When we wait in faith on our faithful Father, there is an abundance of grace available for us to receive when things don’t go according to our own plans. I personally know this to be true and freeing. When we return to our Father and wait patiently on Him, there our hearts will be made new and our minds will be transformed with fresh perspective and praise.

This world is filled with things that look and seem impossible. But our God is unstoppable and will manifest His glory as we live a life of surrender and trust in Him. Who knows, sometimes what we are waiting for doesn’t even come close to what God wants to do or has in place instead of our own feeble plans. Our God is timely and efficient. He wants to do abundantly more in your seasons of waiting. Find your faith in Him and hang on!
“But you must return to your God, maintain love and justice and wait for your God always.” Hosea 12:6

We have a loyal, fiercely devoted, loving, faithful, honest, just, comforting, relentless, warrior of a Father, lover, and King just beckoning us to return to Him and wait on Him. HE will never fail you.

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