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You can partner with your local OBIC ministry in a number of ways.

  • An offering of your heart… Our greatest need is your prayer!  See our prayer page to see how weilding your sword against the enemy on our behalf and joining us in inviting our Lord to reign and rule in our lives can empower this ministry of His church!
  • An offering of your time… Our next greatest need is your hands!  We joyfully do what we love most but even that can become difficult when you work alone.  We invite you to search your heart to discover that which makes you come alive and when you have discovered that you will know what type of work God may be calling you to be involved in here. If you don’t see your passion in any of the ministries we have now, concider beginning your own ministry here with us.
  • An offering of materials... We are in need of many thing that you may just have sitting around your house or yard and your aren’t using any longer.  We have needs for thing such as wood and brick, paint and tools, a well as sports equipment, hay or feed, gardening supplies, etc.  you can see our wish list for more details.  But don’t assume if its not on there we don’t need it. Please give us a call or email to offery anything the Lord puts on your heart to donate.
  • An offering of money… Not all our needs can be met with material donations and your financial support will go towards these unmet needs.  You can donate specifically to funds such as a ministry we offer, support of the missionaries who serve here without an income, the sponsorship of a child or animal, or to general maintenance of the facility.

Groups such as Youth Groups, Small Groups, Halls, and whole Churches
In addition to the above means of partnering with us we would like you to know that as the Body of Christ enhancing your current ministry we offer our facilities to you free of charge.

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