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OBIC loves to see kids out enjoying nature so we have our pond open to the public 7 days per week dawn to dusk for fishing! The key is to bring along a child 15 or younger as your FREE pass! Please follow all of the posted rules and don’t forget to sign in and out, along with signing a wavier once each year which is located in the mail box by the rules sign.


2 thoughts on “Free Fishing

  1. From what I read here you don’t require anything but a child under 15, and to follow the rules, but what are the rules, ie do the adults need fishing license, what baits are allowed, and do we need to make an appointment of any kind

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to us. Our rules are listed on the green sign by our pond as well as on the image on our fishing page.
      The rules are:
      Catch and Release ONlY
      A child must be occupied by an adult, an adult must be occupied by a child 15 or younger
      Fishing only Daylight to Dusk
      No Foul Language
      No Littering

      You must sign in every visit and fill out the Waiver and Release forms yearly
      No license is required and No appointment is needed.

      We hope you enjoy this opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and relax!

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