Horse Leasing

Horse Leasing Packages


Have you always wanted to own a horse, but couldn’t afford one or didn’t want to make the long-term commitment? Now you can pick one of our beauties to call your own!

No boarding fees, no feed bills, no farrier care, and no vet bills! Month by month leasing options are available.

Please fill out our leasing application and we will go over your skill level. If we deem your abilities are up to speed for safely handling one of our horses, we will match you up with one that suits you. Once you have been approved, you will go through two free training sessions. (Additional training is available at our regular lesson fees of $40/hour)  Once you complete those training sessions, we will schedule your weekly leasing!

Sessions are 3-hour time slots (2 hours max riding time) where you can catch, groom, ride, and just enjoy your horse.

Package A:  3 sessions per week (12 max per month ) $250/month

Package B:  2 sessions per week (8 max per month) $200/month

Package C:  1 session per week (4 max per month) $150/month

(For your safety anyone under 18 must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian while on the premises. No one other than the person on the lease is allowed to ride or handle the horse)