Riding Lessons


Welcome to the Lesson Program at OBIC!  We are so excited to have you here as part of our horse crazy family!!  It is our prayer that you will not only develop your skills as a rider, but that you will also learn the deep things of a horse’s character and personality.  We love being able to provide you with a fun and in-depth equine experience.  Here at OBIC Ministries we offer both English and Western lessons in 12 week sessions in both the spring and the fall.  And for our die hard students, OBIC is willing to continue your lessons all year round!  Riding lessons can start for anyone as young as 4!  Please contact our riding instructor at obiclizzherman@gmail.com for more information or to sign-up today!



At OBIC Ministries we believe there is much more to the health and safety of horse and rider than what can be learned only on the horse’s back. We instruct our students both mounted on the horse and through lessons on foot. Our lessons are primarily focused on natural horsemanship, emphasizing on the unique, natural bond that develops between horse and rider.

Your Lesson:

Each lesson is one hour long and takes place once a week. Depending on your preference, you may participate in a private (1), semi-private (2), or group (3) lesson. Lessons will be designed to target the goals of each rider and areas of needed improvement.  Your lesson will include not only riding, but also catching, leading, grooming, tacking, and caring for your horse.  OBIC does its best to make sure each lesson is both fun and educational.


Congratulations you have not only signed up for riding lessons at a great price, but you can be assured that your money is going to a wonderful cause!  All proceeds that come from our paid programming go directly into keeping alive all of our free ministries that we are so happy to provide for our community.  Some of these free ministries might even be something that you can begin taking advantage of if you don’t already!  Riding lessons per 1 hour class are $40/private, $35/semi-private, $30/group lessons.  These can be paid monthly prior to the beginning of your first lesson each month or in one payment for the 12 weeks.  Anyone choosing to pay for the 12 weeks in full will receive a 10% discount.

Cancelation Policy:

If a lesson has to be rescheduled for any reason you will need to notify your instructor 24 hours in advance and at that time schedule the make-up lesson.  If you do not show up for a lesson and you didn’t call 24 hours prior you will not be offered a make-up lesson or refund.  Cancelations due to weather will be left for the instructor to decide on and they will call you a minimum of 1 hour prior to the lesson to inform you of the cancelation and schedule the make-up lesson.  However OBIC will do up to 2 barn lessons (educational, non-riding) if the weather is too dangerous for riding.  Once 2 barn lessons have been completed, all other poor weather lessons will be rescheduled.   During the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter there will be NO riding lesson offered at OBIC.