F.A.R.T. Club

(Faithful Arrows Raised in Truth)

Thursday nights from 6-8pm
Ages 11-15 (boys and girls)

Week by week the fun changes from time with horses, playing baseball or soccer, cooking, dancing with LU’s D-Trex dance crew, and training dogs! Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Barn Chicks

1st Tuesday of every month from 6-7:30pm
Ages 11-14 (girls only)


Girls are invited to join Barn Chicks for horseback riding, Bible study and fun at the OBIC Stables. This group deals with real issues that the girls go through, and there is a lot of honest discussion that they open up to us about. This is a beautiful healing place for them, so we don’t want to change that. We have the opportunity to share a Biblical perspective on the things they face every day with them. If you think your child is too young or not ready for some of these conversations, please feel free to send them along to Saddle Club with the younger kids for horseback riding and straight forward Bible lessons.

Saddle Club

Saturdays from 12-2pm
Ages 2-11 (boys and girls)

During these 2 hours the kids learn about horses, are led around our smaller arena for horse rides, and have a Bible lesson. Parents must stay with their kids during this club. If you have any questions, please email Nicole at


If you are interested in bringing your kids to any of these clubs, please fill out a membership form located HERE.