Our Herd

The OBIC Herd

Almost all of the members of our herd are able to be leased. Listed below are the experience levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) needed of the rider for each horse. Just because a horse may be listed as beginner, does not mean they will not be exciting for a more experienced rider. The horses can be leased out at a maximum of 3 times a week, and currently a few of them are being leased out once or twice a week. Leasing is a great opportunity for someone who wants to ride, but cannot afford their own horse. If you have any questions, please email Becca at obicbecca@gmail.com or Nicole at obicnicole@gmail.com.

(Beginner level)

Grace is the leader of our herd, and has been at OBIC the longest. She is a beautiful Tennessee Walker/Paint, and definitely knows she’s gorgeous.

(Intermediate level)

Pippi is our sassy little pony. For those who want a sweet horse and one that will also give you a bit of a challenge, this is your girl!

Evening Star
(Intermediate level)


Eve is the newest member to our herd and she is our gentle giant! She is an all black Percheron, except for a small white star on her forehead. She is still figuring out life here at OBIC, but so far she has been adjusting well.


(Beginner level)

Pine is a sweetheart of a Paint, and anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him. He enjoys going slow, but listens very well when you ask him to pick up the pace.

(Not available for lease)

Shadow is a beautiful registered paint/quarter horse and the youngest member of the herd. She is currently under training and is for sale!

(Intermediate level)

Arrow is a new Paint in the herd, but has immediately fit right in. She loves people, and will walk right up to you to say, “hello”. She has a lot of energy and is ready to go as soon as you get on her.

(Beginner level)

Sky is a new Paint in the herd also, but gets along well with everyone. She recently had surgery on her eye to remove cancer, and thankfully has made a full recovery. She is a sweet girl and is willing to please anyone that will saddle her up.