Summer Camps

Summer Horse Camps


Horsemanship 1 Camp

(Boys and Girls ages 7-12)

This camp is for begginner and nonexperienced riders.  Each day, our campers enjoy riding lessons, safety awareness around horses, proper horse care, barn chores, a Bible lesson, camp songs, games and crafts. The week wraps up with our famous rodeo, where the kids show off their newly learned skills to their family and friends! This camp is for 7-12 year old boys and girls. Horse Camp is $150 per camper, per week.

Horsemanship 2 Camp

(Boys and Girls ages 8-13)

If you have taken riding lessons or own your own horse, join us for this camp!  In Horsemanship 2 riders will have the opportunity to do everything we do in Horsemanship 1 and then more!  We will learn even more about riding and horse care as we also have fun enjoying and experiencing many fun camp activities!  Participants must have prior horse knowledge and be able to safely control their horse at a walk and trot.  Cost is $200 per camper, per week.

Advanced Horsemanship Camp

(Girls-only ages 13-16)

During our teen camp, each girl will be paired up with a horse from our herd. They will work with that horse for the entire week, creating a mutually trusted bond between them and their horse. Through this bond, they will get to see what a trusting relationship with God looks like.  This camp is for more experienced riders who can walk, trot, and canter their horse proficiently.  They will do a considerable amount of riding each day.  Riders may bring their own horse to OBIC for this camp. Cost is $200 per camper, per week.


(Boys and Girls 4-7)

Is your child too young for a full week of camp?  Are you trying to discover if they really like horses or just like the idea of them?  PreHorsemanship is an introductory camp for young, beginner riders.  It is only 3 days long and takes place in the morning from 8:30-12.   Young campers will each have their personal counselor at their side while they learn to ride.  Camp mornings will be filled with fun pony games and horse-themed activities!  Parents are welcome, but not required for these 3 days.  Cost is $75 per camper.



Summer Camp Registration Form 2019

2019 Summer Camp Dates

Beginner Horsemanship I:
June 17-21 and July 22-26
7-12 years-old
Max 35

Horsemanship II:
July 1-5
8-13 years-old
Max 20
Previous riding experience required: ability to control horse at the walk and trot

All-Girls Advanced Horsemanship:
July 8-12
13-16 years-old
Max 20
Previous riding experience required: walk, trot, canter

July 29-31, 8:30-12*  (Please note this isan introductory camp, not a full day camp)
4-7 year-olds
Max 15


Times: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Drop off: 8:00-8:30 AM

Pick up: 4:30-5 PM


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Registration forms must be filled out by legal parents or guardians only. A spot in camp is reserved only after payment has been received.
  • No one is to enter the barn or to touch any of the horses without permission from the staff.
  • No one is to begin fishing without permission from a fishing instructor.
  • Parents must drop off and pick up their children at the stables or pavilion, and sign in and out each day.

Things to Bring:

  • Come wearing closed-toe shoes with a heel and long pants (rain boots are perfect!).
  • Bring clothes and shoes for the afternoon that can get dirty, and will be cooler/more comfortable.
  • Sack lunch, snacks, and water bottle (we provide refill stations).
  • Come with sunscreen and bug spray on, and pack extra to reapply at lunch (Counselors will help).
  • Bring your own helmet if you have one. If not, OBIC provides clean helmets for a child to use throughout the week.