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OBIC Ministries welcomes you to come and discover our adventurous, playful, loving, passionate, peaceful, joyful, wild, fierce,  and extravagantly generous God!   Here you’ll see, and smell, and feel the majesty of our magnificent horses.  Then, you can hold a soft, fluffy bunny in your arms and feel its whiskers tickle your hands in search of carrots.  You can feel the tug of a giant catfish on the end of your line in our super stocked pond.  Then hike the scripture lined trails over streams and find a peaceful prayer station to be alone with God.  You might find yourself playing soccer, football, lacrosse, or baseball on our fields. Or maybe a cookout at the pavilion followed by some lakeside volleyball.  Or perhaps a bonfire with live music or a movie on the big outdoor screen.  Where ever you choose to play or rest or adventure you will be sure to encounter the presence of God!



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  1. OBIC s mission is to bring together the body of Christ by hosting events and ministries that Christians of different denominations can come together and minister to the public. We use our 160 acre facility to host community groups and events where Christians can come here on this mission field to minister to them.

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